xtube is my boyfriend (sleepingbear) wrote in tobears,
xtube is my boyfriend


hey guys!  i hope you'll join me in this community.  i wanted to have a space for bears, cubs, and admirers from toronto to be able to share information, post events, etc.

a little bit about me - i'm a 29 year old ftm cub/boy.  currently single, hoping to stay that way for a little while anyway, but always up for fun times with hot Daddies and Bears.  well-versed in poly/open relationships.  kinky.  lots of other things.  

please feel free to introduce yourselves.  

as the bio states, this community will be open to transbears as well, so if that's a problem, please keep moving.  it's currently an open community, but if there is any harassment/verbal abuse i will ban members and close membership.  

just looking to share good times with people who have similar interests and lifestyles.
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